Sclerotic cartilage and sclerotic ossifications in members of Poeciliopsis (right side, image reversed) a P. jackschultzi, TCWC 20082.01, paratype, female, 23.0 mm SL b P. lucida, UMMZ 189041, female, 24.0 mm c P. occidentalis, UMMZ 202393, female, 35.0 mm SL. Abbreviations: AS, anterior sclerotic. PS, posterior sclerotic; SC, scleral cartilage; Scale bar: 0.4 mm.

  Part of: Conway KW, Mateos M, Vrijenhoek RC (2019) A new species of the livebearing fish genus Poeciliopsis from northern Mexico (Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae). ZooKeys 883: 91-118.