Morphological features of the adult male holotype SYS a005767 of Nidirana guangdongensis sp. nov. in life. (A) dorsolateral view; (B) ventral view; (C) left hand; (D) nuptial pad; (E) right foot; (F) close-up of head showing the dense white horny spinules on dorsum, upper eyelid, while absent on temporal regions.

  Part of: Lyu Z-T, Dai K-Y, Li Y, Wan H, Liu Z-Y, Qi S, Lin S-M, Wang J, Li Y-L, Zeng Y-J, Li P-P, Pang H, Wang Y-Y (2020) Comprehensive approaches reveal three cryptic species of genus Nidirana (Anura, Ranidae) from China. ZooKeys 914: 127-159.