3 Head of Peradon costaricensis sp. nov. in lateral view. Note ventrally produced gena and oral margin 4 Face of Peradon bidens in frontal view. Note transversely wrinkled median vitta, a character found in most Peradon species 5 Wing of Peradon bidens. Note posterior appendix of vein R4+5 and widely rounded postero-apical corner of cell r4+5 6 Anepisternum of Peradon bidens. Note extensively bare median area 7 Thoracic sclerites of Peradon bidens in lateral view. Note flat and bare katepimeron with wrinkled texture (the wrinkles extend from similar wrinkles om the katatergum). Abbreviations: Anepm = anepimeron; anatg = anatergum; ktg = katatergum; kepm = katepimeron.

  Part of: Reemer M, Skevington JH, Kelso S (2019) Revision of the Neotropical hoverfly genus Peradon Reemer (Diptera, Syrphidae, Microdontinae). ZooKeys 896: 1-93. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.896.36493