Panorpa mokansana Cheng, 1957 A, C–H Male B, I–L female. A, B Habitus, dorsal view C head, frontal view D dorsum, dorsal view E abdomen, lateral view F, G genital bulb, ventral and dorsal views, respectively H aedeagal complex, ventral view I, J A8‒A11, ventral and lateral views, respectively K, L medigynium, ventral and lateral views, respectively. ae, aedeagus; ax, axis; ce, cercus; dpr, dorsal process; ep, epandrium; gcx, gonocoxite; gs, gonostylus; hv, hypovalve; lpr, lateral process; mdg, medigynium; mp, main plate; no, notal organ; pm, paramere; pno, postnotal organ; sgp, subgenital plate; sth, stalk of hypandrium; stp, stalk of paramere; vv, ventral valve.

  Part of: Wang J-S, Gao X-T, Hua B-Z (2019) Two new species of the genus Panorpa (Mecoptera, Panorpidae) from eastern China and a new synonym. ZooKeys 874: 149-164.  

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