Sexual dimorphism in color patterns. A Male paratype of Takydromus yunkaiensis sp. nov. (SYS r001439) B female paratype of T. yunkaiensis sp. nov. (SYS r001901) C male topotype of T. intermedius (SYS r001601) from Mt. Emei, China D female topotype of T. intermedius (SYS r001602) from Mt. Emei, China E male T. kuehnei (SYS r001268) from Jiulianshan Nature Reserve, China F female topotype of T. kuehnei (SYS r001798) from Taiwan Island, China.

  Part of: Wang J, Lyu Z-T, Yang C-Y, Li Y-L, Wang Y-Y (2019) A new species of the genus Takydromus (Squamata: Lacertidae) from southwestern Guangdong, China. ZooKeys 871: 119-139.