Synagoga arabesque sp. nov., female. Morphology and structures of thorax and abdomen (SEM) A dorsal surface of thoracic segments 2 and 3 B posterior part of thorax (segments numbered in Roman numerals) and abdomen (segments numbered in Arabic numerals), enlarged small epaulet in rectangle area in lower left angle C penis rudiment D telson spines E distal halves of furcal rami F furcal ramus, inner surface G terminal ends of furcal rami H Enlarged basal part of furcal ramus showing setation and sculpture on inner surface. Abbreviations: fr – furcal ramus, per – rudimentary penis, te – telson, ts – telson spines, thp6 – thoracopod VI. Scale bars: in μm.

  Part of: Kolbasov GA, Petrunina AS, Ho M-J, Chan BKK (2019) A new species of Synagoga (Crustacea, Thecostraca, Ascothoracida) parasitic in an antipatharian from Green Island, Taiwan, with notes on its morphology. ZooKeys 876: 55-85.