Synagoga arabesque sp. nov., female. Mouth parts (SEM) A labrum, posterio-lateral view, anterior margin left, enlarged ctenoid scales in rectangle area in lower right angle B mandible and maxillule (tip of mandible partially embedded in glue) C maxillule and maxillae D spines and setae along cutting (posterior) margin of mandible, middle part E spines and setiform projections along cutting (posterior) margin of maxillule, middle half F tip of maxillule G tips of maxillae. Abbreviations: md – mandible, mx1 – maxillule, mx2 – maxilla. Scale bars: in μm.

  Part of: Kolbasov GA, Petrunina AS, Ho M-J, Chan BKK (2019) A new species of Synagoga (Crustacea, Thecostraca, Ascothoracida) parasitic in an antipatharian from Green Island, Taiwan, with notes on its morphology. ZooKeys 876: 55-85.