Sinochloritis lii Wu & Chen, gen. & sp. nov., holotype, HBUMM08294. A male part, with the muscle (arrowed) connecting epiphallus and penis completely severed B exposed part containing epiphallic papilla C exposed epiphallus and flagellum. Arrow indicates insertion of vas deferens D opened penis, showing penial pilasters E basal part of bursa copulatrix duct, exposed. Scale bars: 1 mm. At – atrium; BCD – bursa copulatrix duct; EBM – epihallus-binding muscle, the muscle binding proximal epiphallus to distal end of penis; Ep – epiphallus; EpP – epiphallic papilla; Fl – flagellum; FO – free oviduct; P – penis; PR – penial retractor muscle; PP – penial pilaster; Va – vagina; VD – vas deferens.

  Part of: Wu M, Chen Z, Zhu X (2019) Two new camaenid land snails from Central China (Eupulmonata, Camaenidae). ZooKeys 861: 129-144.