Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. (Ñuble, Chile; Male, CAS): Male genitalia, cleared, and specimen labels (Penny’s identification label not included) (a) gonarcal complex, dorsal (b) gonarcal complex, frontal, tilted (c) gonarcal complex, posterior (d) gonarcal complex, lateral (e) hypandrium internum (f) labels. c comes g.a. gonarcal apodeme g.b. gonarcal bridge g.p. gonarcal process gse gonosetae on membranous gonosaccus mu mediuncus.

  Part of: Tauber CA (2019) South American Nothochrysinae (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): I. Description of Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. ZooKeys 866: 1-18.