Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. (Ñuble, Chile; Male, CAS): Abdomen, cleared (a) midsection-terminus, lateral (b) T8 (distal), T9, and ectoproct, lateral (c) terminal abdominal segments, lateral (d) terminal abdominal segments, ventral. apo dorsal apodeme extending below T8 cc callus cerci ect ectoproct k distal knob extending from S8+9 sr spiracle S4, S7 fourth, seventh strenites S8, S9 partially coalesced eighth and ninth sternites T7, T8, T9 seventh, eighth, ninth tergites.

  Part of: Tauber CA (2019) South American Nothochrysinae (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): I. Description of Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. ZooKeys 866: 1-18.