Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. (Ñuble, Chile; Male, CAS): Wings with selected features labeled (a) left forewing, (b) left hindwing. Marginal traces of major veins demarcated; arrow (hindwing) indicates alignment of RP and MA along upper margin of first intramedian cell. A1, A2, A3 first, second, third anal veins CuA, CuP anterior, posterior branches of cubitus icu1, icu3 first, third intracubital cells ig inner gradate im1, im2 first, second intramedian cells Ju jugal lobe MA media anterior MP media posterior mcua, mpcua second and third medial cells Mf furcation of media og outer gradate Psc pseudocubitus Psm pseudomedia Rf furcation of radius RP radius posterior RP1 first branch of radius posterior 1sc-r first crossvein between subcosta and radius 2m-cu second crossvein between media and cubitus.

  Part of: Tauber CA (2019) South American Nothochrysinae (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): I. Description of Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. ZooKeys 866: 1-18.