Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. (Ñuble, Chile; Male, CAS): Venation at base of wings (a) left forewing, (b) left hindwing. Note the absence of a tympanal organ at the base of R in the forewing, the independent origin and trajectory of M along the base of R (arrows pointing downward, both wings), and the alignment of RP and MA in the hindwing. A1, A2, A3 first, second, third anal veins Cu cubitus Cuf furcation (division) of cubitus Ju jugal lobe M media MA media anterior m-cu media-cubital crossvein R radius RP radius posterior.

  Part of: Tauber CA (2019) South American Nothochrysinae (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): I. Description of Nothochrysa ehrenbergi sp. nov. ZooKeys 866: 1-18.