Mesosoma (8–10), dorsal view; lectotype labels (11). 8 Sphecodes scabricollis Wesmael, male 9, 10 S. atlanticus Warncke (9 – male, 10 – female) 11 S. intermedius Blüthgen, label of lectotype. Scale bars: 1.0 mm.

  Part of: Astafurova YV, Proshchalykin MYu, Schwarz M (2019) The distribution of the genus Sphecodes Latreille (Hymenoptera, Halictidae) of the Arabian Peninsula and surrounding countries with description of hitherto unknown female of S. atlanticus Warncke, 1992 and male of S. dathei Schwarz, 2010. ZooKeys 872: 13-40.