CANCAP and Tyro Mauritania II Plexauridae collection: a label of a catalogued record of Thesea talismani in Mauritania b label of previously unidentified and uncatalogued record from the Azores archipelago c different colonies of a new species from a coral garden filmed in situ in 2016 but stored in NBC since 1988 d cf. Placogorgia sp. I (RMNH. COEL. 42336) found mixed with specimens of the primnoid Callogorgia verticillata (Pallas, 1766) e the putative new record of Paramuricea macrospina in the NE Atlantic Ocean f detail of a new record for the Azores archipelago, Paramuricea biscaya (RMNH. COEL. 423339). Scale bars: 1 cm.

  Part of: Sampaio Í, Carreiro-Silva M, Freiwald A, Menezes G, Grasshoff M (2019) Natural history collections as a basis for sound biodiversity assessments: Plexauridae (Octocorallia, Holaxonia) of the Naturalis CANCAP and Tyro Mauritania II expeditions. ZooKeys 870: 1-32.