Internal morphology of Phestilla subodiosus sp. nov.: A schematic of rachidian tooth. Abbreviations: B, base; D, denticles; CC, central cusp B schematic of jaw plates overlaid onto microscope imagery C microscope imagery of reproductive system. Abbreviations: GO, genital opening; Pr, prostate; FGM, female gland mass; Am, ampulla D schematic of reproductive system. Abbreviations: PG, penile gland; Pr, prostate; VD, vas deferens; Va, vagina; FGM, female gland mass; Am, ampulla; HS, hermaphrodite system.

  Part of: Wang A, Conti-Jerpe IE, Richards JL, Baker DM (2020) Phestilla subodiosus sp. nov. (Nudibranchia, Trinchesiidae), a corallivorous pest species in the aquarium trade. ZooKeys 909: 1-24.