Morphological differences between Pristimantis orestes sensu stricto (A, C, E) and P. cajanuma sp. nov. (B, D, F): whitish gray iris (A) vs. bronze iris (B) dorsolateral folds absent (C) vs. dorsolateral folds present (D); and limited black coloration in the groin and concealed surfaces of shanks (E) vs. widespread black coloration (F).

  Part of: Urgiles VL, Székely P, Székely D, Christodoulides N, Sanchez-Nivicela JC, Savage AE (2019) Genetic delimitation of Pristimantis orestes (Lynch 1979) and P. saturninoi Brito et al., 2017 and the description of two new terrestrial frogs from the Pristimantis orestes species group (Anura, Strabomantidae). ZooKeys 864: 111-146.