A The overlapping region between atp8 and atp6. The nucleotides colored red indicate the sequence of overlapping region; the nucleotides with green underline indicate partial sequence of the atp8 gene, and the nucleotides with blue underline indicate the partial sequence of the atp6 gene B The intergenic region between nad6 and cob. The microsatellite (TA)n are marked red C The intergenic region between trnQ and nad2 D The intergenic region between trnS2 and nad1. The nucleotides colored red indicate the conserved motif sequence E Schematic illustration of the A + T-rich region from all yponomeutoid mitogenomes. The conserved motif ATAG (colored red) and subsequent poly-T stretch (colored green), the conserved motif ATTTA (colored blue) and subsequent (TA)n sequence (colored orange) are emphasized. Dots indicate omitted sequences, and the number of dot is not proportional to nucleotide number of corresponding part.

  Part of: Yang M, Hu B, Zhou L, Liu X, Shi Y, Song L, Wei Y, Cao J (2019) First mitochondrial genome from Yponomeutidae (Lepidoptera, Yponomeutoidea) and the phylogenetic analysis for Lepidoptera. ZooKeys 879: 137-156. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.879.35101