Frontal view of some Thai Callomegachile (a–c, e, g, h females, d, f, i males) a M. (Callomegachile) atratiformis b M. (Callomegachile) chiangmaiensis sp. nov. c, d M. (Callomegachile) disjuncta e, f M. (Callomegachile) faceta g M. (Callomegachile) fulvipennis h M. (Callomegachile) impressa i M. (Callomegachile) memecylonae.

  Part of: Chatthanabun N, Ascher JS, Pinkaew N, Thanoosing C, Traiyasut P, Warrit N (2020) Resin bees of genus Megachile, subgenera Callomegachile and Carinula (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae) from Thailand with description of a new species. ZooKeys 997: 95-144.