Lankaphthona yunnantarsella sp. nov. A Holotype habitus, male, dorsal view (A1) and lateral view (A2) B paratype, prothorax, dorsal view C paratype, head, frontal view D paratype, aedeagus, ventral view E paratype, aedeagus, lateral view F paratype, apex of aedeagus, ventral view G paratype, abdominal ventrites of male, ventral view H paratype, showing longitudinal intercoxal ridges on first abdominal ventrite of male.

  Part of: Ruan Y, Konstantinov AS, Prathapan KD, Zhang M, Yang X (2019) A review of the genus Lankaphthona Medvedev, 2001, with comments on the modified phallobase and the unique abdominal appendage of L. binotata (Baly) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Alticini). ZooKeys 857: 29-58.