Morphology of Neosphecia cecidogena last larval instar under scanning electron microscopy A head, antero-dorsal view B antenna, anterior C stemmata, lateral D maxillae and labium, ventral E spineret, lateral F prothoracic shield, dorsal G meso- and metathoracic segments, dorsal H prothoracic leg, posterior I tarsal claw in detail, posterior J prothoracic spiracle, lateral K second to fourth abdominal segments, lateral L abdominal callus in detail, ventral. Scale bars: 20 µm (E, I, J); 40 µm (B), 100 µm (C, D, H, L); 0.5 mm (A, G, K).

  Part of: Moreira GRP, Gorbunov OG, Fochezato J, Gonçalves GL (2019) A peculiar new species of gall-inducing, clearwing moth (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) associated with Cayaponia in the Atlantic Forest. ZooKeys 866: 39-63.