Neosphecia cecidogena genitalia morphology under light microscopy A male (LMCI 319-84), general, ventral view (unrolled preparation, sensu Pitkin 1986; aedeagus omitted) B right half of the tegumen-uncus complex, mesal (pointed by closed arrow in A asterisk indicates anal tube) C distal portion of left valva in detail (enlarged area marked with a rectangle in A), ventral D aedeagus, lateral E female (LMCI 306-19), general, ventral (open arrow points to missing distal portion of the right anterior apophysis, broken off during preparation). Scale bars = 0.1 mm (B–D); 0.3 mm (A, E).

  Part of: Moreira GRP, Gorbunov OG, Fochezato J, Gonçalves GL (2019) A peculiar new species of gall-inducing, clearwing moth (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) associated with Cayaponia in the Atlantic Forest. ZooKeys 866: 39-63.