Maximum likelihood consensus tree of Neosphecia cecidogena (LMCI 263-33) and related Melittiini taxa. The monophyly and relationships were inferred based on 668 base pairs of cytochrome oxidase subunit gene I (COI) sequences (using six species of Melittia, one from Synanthedon and Carmenta from databases; the later genera of the related subfamily Synanthedonini were surveyed as outgroups). Numbers above branches indicate statistical support (bootstrap values).

  Part of: Moreira GRP, Gorbunov OG, Fochezato J, Gonçalves GL (2019) A peculiar new species of gall-inducing, clearwing moth (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae) associated with Cayaponia in the Atlantic Forest. ZooKeys 866: 39-63.