Marphysa sanguinea: A anterior part, dorsolateral view (MNHN-IA-TYPE 1856) B anterior part, ventral view (MNHN-IA-TYPE 1856) C anterior part, lateral view (MNRJP002048) D Maxillae, dorsal view (MNHN-IA-TYPE 1856). Key: white arrow showing eye; MI to MV, maxillae I to V, Mc, maxillary carriers. Scale bars: 2 mm (A–C), 1mm (D).

  Part of: Lavesque N, Daffe G, Grall J, Zanol J, Gouillieux B, Hutchings P (2019) Guess who? On the importance of using appropriate name: case study of Marphysa sanguinea (Montagu, 1813). ZooKeys 859: 1-15.