Scatter plot of C. attenuata (red) and C. tanakae (blue) sample distribution over PC1 and PC2 axes constructed based on external and skull morphological variables. Different symbols represent different populations. GD: Guangdong, FJ: Fujian, ZJ: Zhejiang, SCBX: Baoxing, Sichuan, HB: Hubei, SC: Sichuan, GX: Guangxi, AH: Anhui, HuN: Hunan, HN: Hainan, CQ: Chongqing, YN: Yunnan, JX: Jiangxi

  Part of: Li Y, Li H, Motokawa M, Wu Y, Harada M, Sun H, Mo X, Wang J, Li Y (2019) A revision of the geographical distributions of the shrews Crocidura tanakae and C. attenuata based on genetic species identification in the mainland of China. ZooKeys 869: 147-160.