Comparison of crania of Crocidura attenuata (S2576) and Crocidura tanakae (S2566) from Baoxing, Sichuan. Top row from left to right: dorsal views of the skulls of C. attenuata and C. tanakae (S2576 andS2566), ventral views of the skulls in the same order. Lower row: lateral view of skulls and mandibles from top to bottom of C. attenuata and C. tanakae (S2576 and S2566).

  Part of: Li Y, Li H, Motokawa M, Wu Y, Harada M, Sun H, Mo X, Wang J, Li Y (2019) A revision of the geographical distributions of the shrews Crocidura tanakae and C. attenuata based on genetic species identification in the mainland of China. ZooKeys 869: 147-160.