Dorsal habitus of A lectotype of Portunus gladiator Fabricius, 1798, deposited in Copenhagen Museum (ZMUC-Cru 4705) B Cancer menestho Herbst, 1803 (= Monomia gladiator), probably from Indian Ocean (color print from Herbst, 1803: pl. 55 fig. 3 C Monomia gladiator (Fabricius, 1798), fresh colouration, Phuket, Thailand (not collected), photo by Rueangrit Promdam D Monomia gladiator (Fabricius, 1798), fresh coloration, Jeppiar, Tamil Nadu, India (ZRC), photograph by PKL Ng; E “Neptunus (Amphitrite) gladiator” [sic] (=Monomia haanii) from Sagami Bay, Japan (color print from Sakai, 1939: pl. 47 fig. 3) F Monomia haanii (Stimpson, 1858), fresh colouration, South China Sea (USNM 1421161) shipped frozen by US seafood importer.

  Part of: Windsor AM, Mendoza JCE, Deeds JR (2019) Resolution of the Portunus gladiator species complex: taxonomic status and identity of Monomia gladiator (Fabricius, 1798) and Monomia haanii (Stimpson, 1858) (Brachyura, Decapoda, Portunidae). ZooKeys 858: 11-43.