Map indicating geographic position of the two different Inguanzo-named caves on either side of the Rio Casaño: Cueva del Puente de Inguanzo (collection site of Gittenberger’s (1980) shells) and Cueva de Inguanzo (site of Weigand et al. (2013) molecularly-assessed material). Source of DEM data: LiDAR-PNOA DGM 5 m owned by Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) and provided under CC-BY 4.0 license.

  Part of: Jochum A, Prieto CE, Kampschulte M, Martels G, Ruthensteiner B, Vrabec M, Dörge DD, de Winter AJ (2019) Re-evaluation of Zospeum schaufussi von Frauenfeld, 1862 and Z. suarezi Gittenberger, 1980, including the description of two new Iberian species using Computer Tomography (CT) (Eupulmonata, Ellobioidea, Carychiidae). ZooKeys 835: 65-86.