Limnonectes savan sp. nov. A oviposition site with dead palm frond in situ in Savannakhet Province, Laos B eggs (NCSM 76494) prior to preservation adhered to underside of dead palm frond that is visible in previous image C eggs (NCSM 76494) in preservative with jelly layer D eggs (NCSM 76494) in preservative after removal from jelly layer.

  Part of: Phimmachak S, Richards SJ, Sivongxay N, Seateun S, Chuaynkern Y, Makchai S, Som HE, Stuart BL (2019) A new caruncle-bearing fanged frog (Limnonectes, Dicroglossidae) from Laos and Thailand. ZooKeys 846: 133-156.