Comparisons of Limnonectes dabanus and L. savan sp. nov. in preservative A lateral view of head of males A1 L. macrognathus (FMNH 174526) from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand; A2 L. dabanus (MVZ 258200) with high-profiled caruncle from Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia A3 L. savan sp. nov. holotype (NCSM 76288) A4 L. dabanus (MVZ 258202) with low-profiled caruncle from Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia B lateral body view of L. savan sp. nov. illustrating flank: paratype female (NCSM 76300) above; holotype male (NCSM 76288) below C dorsoposterior views of thigh illustrating tubercles (arrows) of C1 L. savan sp. nov. holotype male (NCSM 76288) C2 L. savan sp. nov. paratype female (NCSM 76300) C3 L. dabanus male (MVZ 258200) from Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia C4 L. dabanus female (MVZ 258235) from Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia.

  Part of: Phimmachak S, Richards SJ, Sivongxay N, Seateun S, Chuaynkern Y, Makchai S, Som HE, Stuart BL (2019) A new caruncle-bearing fanged frog (Limnonectes, Dicroglossidae) from Laos and Thailand. ZooKeys 846: 133-156.