The study region in Russia. Sampling locations are indicated by yellow circles: Krasnoyarsk and Chita for Phyllonorycter ivani, Rakovka and Glukhovka for P. caraganella. Number of specimens is given for each sampled location: A adults, L larva. Regions: KK Krasnoyarsk Krai, TK Transbaikal (Zabaikalsky) Krai, PK Primorsky Krai. The Trans-Siberian railway (the total distance of 9288.2 km between Moscow to Vladivostok) is shown by red line.

  Part of: Kirichenko N, Triberti P, Lopez-Vaamonde C (2019) New species of leaf-mining Phyllonorycter (Lepidoptera Gracillariidae) from Siberia feeding on Caragana (Fabaceae). ZooKeys 835: 17-41.