Tetracanthella manschurica 26 furca, lateral view (Vaninski district) 27 position of macrochaetae and s-chaetae on corpus 28 PAO and ommatidia 29–31 dens, lateral view in specimen from Imeni Lazo district (29) and Vaninski district (30, 31) 32 furca, posterior view, juvenile specimen 33 furcal subcoxae 34 distal part of leg 3 35 mucro.

  Part of: Potapov M, Brinev A, Sun X (2019) Isotomidae of Japan and Asiatic part of Russia. II. The genus Tetracanthella of the Far East. ZooKeys 855: 31-54. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.855.33000