Papuamyr omhifosga sp. n., holotype (66, 67, 70, 75) and paratypes. 66, 67 Left palp of holotype 66 ventral view 67 retrolateral view 68 epigyne of specimen PNG2008-2603, ventral view 69 cleared vulva of same specimen, dorsal view 70 left palp of holotype, oblique ventral-terminal view; arrow shoes bend in embolus 71 face of male, oblique frontal-lateral-dorsal view; arrows show ectal spurs on paturons 72 carapace, lateral view 73, 74 living male 75 habitus, dorsal view, holotype male 76 habitus, dorsal view, female UBC–SEM AR00216 77 living female. Scale bars: 0.1 mm (on genitalia); 1.0 mm (otherwise).

  Part of: Maddison WP, Szűts T (2019) Myrmarachnine jumping spiders of the new subtribe Levieina from Papua New Guinea (Araneae, Salticidae, Myrmarachnini). ZooKeys 842: 85-112.