Bumble bee habitats in Arunachal Pradesh A Grass–/shrubland at 1,950–2,050 m elevation (Mechuka, West Siang district). Workers of B. festivus and B. luteipes and workers and males of B. flavescens were observed visiting Cotoneaster bushes B Agricultural crops located in a river valley at 1,500 m elevation (Old Dirang, West Kameng district). Workers of B. flavescens were collected from Punica granatum flowers C Ever-green deciduous Rhododendron– and Pinus-forests at 3,500 m (Karpo, Tawang district), where we collected queens of B. festivus and B. pressus D Alpine meadow with flowering Primula sp. and Rhododendron sp. (Se-La Pass, Tawang district) at 4,260 m, where we collected B. mirus, B. lemniscatus, B. nobilis, B. festivus, B. rufofasciatus, B. miniatus, and B. novus.

  Part of: Streinzer M, Chakravorty J, Neumayer J, Megu K, Narah J, Schmitt T, Bharti H, Spaethe J, Brockmann A (2019) Species composition and elevational distribution of bumble bees (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombus Latreille) in the East Himalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, India. ZooKeys 851: 71-89. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.851.32956