Proportional range comparisons of head length [HL, % of standard length (SL)] in Lateolabrax japonicus (upper graph, axis labelled BD / SL) and orbital diameter (OD, % of HL) in L. maculatus (lower graph, axis labelled OD / HL) in the present study and previous literature. Data based on A present study B Katayama (1960a) C Lindberg and Krasyukova (1969) D Chyung (1977) E Yokogawa (1995) F Nozaka (1995) G Yamada et al. (2007) H Bae et al. (2016) I Chu et al. (1962) J Chu (1985) K Chen (1987) L Zheng (1987) M Chen et al. (1990) N Mao et al. (1991) O Gao (1991) P Cheng and Zhou (1997). 1 Proportional percentages were calculated as reciprocal numbers from proportional data (multiple numbers) therein given. 2 Despite descriptions as “L. japonicus,” synonymized as L. maculatus by Yokogawa (2013b). 3 Provisionally referred to as Lateolabrax sp., which was identical with L. maculatus.

  Part of: Yokogawa K (2019) Morphological differences between species of the sea bass genus Lateolabrax (Teleostei, Perciformes), with particular emphasis on growth-related changes. ZooKeys 859: 69-115.