General aspects of small (fingerling) and large (adult) individuals of Lateolabrax japonicus (A, B), L. maculatus (C, D) and L. latus (E, F) in fresh condition. A KPM-NI 27449 (91.9 mm SL) B KPM-NI 30671 (331.0 mm SL) C uncatalogued specimen (94.3 mm SL) D BSKU 100776 (265.0 mm SL) E KPM-NI 29044 (97.1 mm SL) F KPM-NI 24656 (369.0 mm SL). A, B, E and F were photographed by Hiroshi Senou (KPM), C and D were photographed by K. Yokogawa.

  Part of: Yokogawa K (2019) Morphological differences between species of the sea bass genus Lateolabrax (Teleostei, Perciformes), with particular emphasis on growth-related changes. ZooKeys 859: 69-115.