Tsitsikamma michaeli sp. nov. a–c in situ d collected specimens with yellow encrusting Mycale (Mycale) sp. short stalk visible SAIAB 207204 e section through the ectosome with underlying choanosome SAIAB 207220 f robust centrally thickened sinuous style SAIAB 207202 g thin slightly ventrally thickened sinuous style SAIAB 207208 h short slightly sinuous strongyles i–l SEM images of chiadiscorhabds SAIAB 207204 m–n light microscope images of chiadiscorhabds SAIAB 207204 and SAIAB 207220. Scale bars 6 cm (distance between laser points) (a–c); 5 cm (d); 1 mm (e); 100 µm (f–h); 20 µm (i–n).

  Part of: Parker-Nance S, Hilliar S, Waterworth S, Walmsley T, Dorrington R (2019) New species in the sponge genus Tsitsikamma (Poecilosclerida, Latrunculiidae) from South Africa. ZooKeys 874: 101-126. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.874.32268