Male abdomens with scent-emitting androconial structures. 31 Lactura pupula, FL: Nassau Co., Fort Clinch St. Pk. Ferdinanda Beach, DLW Lot: 2014D136, larva: 28 April 2014, emerged: 24 May 2014, host: Sideroxylon tenax, Richard Owen coll., Genitalia slide # TAM-2017-016, CO1 Barcode DLW-000282, Voucher Code TAM0009 32 Lactura atrolinea, TX: Cameron Co., Sabal Palm Sanctuary (25°51'3"N, 97°25'1"W), ex-ova: female 25 November 2014, DLW Lot: 2014L121b, emerged: 17 February 2015, host: Sideroxylon celastrinum, genitalia slide #TAM-2017-006, Voucher Code TAM0008. 33 Lactura subfervens sapeloensis [PARATYPE], GA: McIntosh Co., Sapelo Island, Lighthouse Rd. salt marsh edge habitat (31°23'25.7"N, 81°16'55"W), 11–12 March 2016, James Adams and Brian Scholtens coll., genitalia slide #TAM-2017-018, Voucher Code TAM0010 34 Lactura nalli [PARATYPE], TX: Starr Co., Falcon Heights (26.5337N, 99.1059W), larva: 30 March 2014, pupated: 05 May 2014, emerged: 06 November 2014, host: Sideroxylon celastrinum, Berry Nall coll., BBN14#06c, genitalia slide #TAM-2017-014, CO1 Barcode DLW-000486 35 Lactura atrolinea, TX: Cameron Co., Audubon Sabal Palm Grove Sanctuary, 16–17 November 1998, E. Knudson coll., genitalia slide # TAM-2017-015, CO1 Barcode DLW-000510 36 Lactura subfervens sapeloensis, see 33 above. Dissections and images prepared by Tony Thomas.

  Part of: Matson TA, Wagner DL, Miller SE (2019) A Revision of North American Lactura (Lepidoptera, Zygaenoidea, Lacturidae). ZooKeys 846: 75-116.