Female genitalia. 37 Lactura basistriga, TX: Cameron Co., Sabal Palm Sanctuary (25°51'9"N, 97°25'3.8"W), larva: 25 April 2015, pupated: 29 April 2015, emerged: 21 May 2015, host: Sideroxylon celestrinum, Berry Nall coll., BBN15#27a, genitalia slide #TAM-2017-005, Voucher Code TAM0005 38 Lactura nalli [PARATYPE], TX: Starr Co., Falcon Heights (26.5337N, 99.1059W), genitalia slide #TAM-2017-013, CO1 Barcode DLW-000569 39 Lactura atrolinea, TX: Cameron Co., Sabal Palm Sanctuary (25°51'3"N, 97°25'1"W), 25 November 2014, David L. Wagner coll., genitalia slide #TAM-2017-007 40 Lactura pupula, FL: Duval Co., Little Talbot State Park, 24 March 2007, B.D. Williams coll., genitalia slide #TAM-2017-011 41 Lactura rubritegula [PARATYPE], TX: Kendall Co., Boerne (29°52'51"N, 98°36'51"W), 27 April 2015, David L. Wagner coll., ♀ DLW 2015D60.2b, genitalia slide #TAM-2017-001 42 Lactura subfervens, TX: Comal Co., New Braunfells off Huaco Sprgs, Loop Road, 24 March 1995, genitalia slide #TAM-2017-009 43 Lactura subfervens sapeloensis [PARATYPE], GA: McIntosh Co., Sapelo Island, Lighthouse Rd. salt marsh edge habitat (31°23'25.7"N, 81°16'55"W), 11–12 March 2016, James Adams and Brian Scholtens colls., genitalia slide #TAM-2017-017, CO1 Barcode DLW-000770, Voucher Code TAM0003. Scale bar: 2 mm. Dissections and images prepared by Tony Thomas.

  Part of: Matson TA, Wagner DL, Miller SE (2019) A Revision of North American Lactura (Lepidoptera, Zygaenoidea, Lacturidae). ZooKeys 846: 75-116. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.846.31953