Phylogenetic relationship inferred using the maximum parsimony (MP) method. The consistency index is (0.533333), the retention index is (0.681818), and the composite index is 0.476540 (0.363636) for all sites and parsimony-informative sites. The MP tree was obtained using the subtree-pruning-regrafting (SPR) algorithm with search level 1, in which the initial trees were obtained by the random addition of sequences (10 replicates). The percentage of replicate trees in which >50% of the associated taxa clustered together in the bootstrap test (500 replicates) is shown next to the branches (in red color). Since the topology is identical, the bootstrap support of branches obtained by the maximum likelihood method is presented in black color as well. Barcoding haplotypes of the analyzed archival Paralipsis specimens are designated with codes from PH1 to PH14, species name, host aphid and host plant. Abbreviations for the countries of origin are as follows: GER – Germany; FRA – France; SRB – Serbia; LIT – Lithuania; CR – Czech Republic; MOL – Moldova; MOR – Morocco; and ESP – Spain.

  Part of: Mitrović M, Starý P, Jakovljević M, Petrović A, Žikić V, Pérez Hidalgo N, Tomanović Ž (2019) Integrative taxonomy of root aphid parasitoids from the genus Paralipsis (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae) with description of new species. ZooKeys 831: 49-69.