A Results of maximum likelihood analysis based on concatenated dataset of 4 genes (COI, EF1a, RPS5, GAPDH) with hybrid enrichment data used as a constraint tree. Support values indicate ultrafast bootstrap. B Results from species delimitation analyses based on unique COI sequences only. Clades in red were delimited as separate units in all analyses (GMYC, bPTP and ABGD). Delimitated clades within A. arnaca comb. n. are here interpreted as subspecies. Support values indicate the probabilities that the specimens connected at that node constitute a separate unit (GMYC/bPTP).

  Part of: Nakahara S, Lamas G, Tyler S, MarĂ­n MA, Huertas B, Willmott KR, Mielke OHH, Espeland M (2019) A revision of the new genus Amiga Nakahara, Willmott & Espeland, gen. n., described for Papilio arnaca Fabricius, 1776 (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae). ZooKeys 821: 85-152. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.821.31782