The skulls (first three rows), left maxillary (the fourth rows) and left mandibular teeth (the last rows) of all known Biswamoyopterus specimens A B. biswasi, ZSI 20705 B B. gaoligongensis, KIZ 034924 A, B were derived from Li et al. (2019) C B. laoensis, NUoL FES.MM.12.163, from Sanamxay et al. (2013) D Biswamoyopterus sp. M644 from this study.

  Part of: Li G, Lwin YH, Yang B, Qin T, Phothisath P, Maung K-W, Quan R-C, Li S (2020) Taxonomic revision and phylogenetic position of the flying squirrel genus Biswamoyopterus (Mammalia, Rodentia, Sciuridae, Pteromyini) on the northern Indo-China peninsula. ZooKeys 939: 65-85.