Habitats of Indonemoura from Guangxi a type locality of I. quadrata sp. n., Damingshan N.N.R. b exuviae (left arrow) and larva (right arrow) of I. quadrata sp. n. in the hygropetric water at the type locality c type locality of I. quadrispina sp. n., Shiwandashan NNR d habitat of I. scalprata (Li & Yang, 2007), Neichao.

  Part of: Mo R, Wang G, Yang D, Li W, Murányi D (2019) Two new species and one new regional record of Indonemoura from Guangxi, China, with additions to larval characters (Plecoptera, Nemouridae). ZooKeys 825: 25-42. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.825.31663