Coecobrya sirindhornae sp. n. continued with SEM. AAnt. I dorsally with three mac (arrows) BAnt. I latero-dorsally with a row of spear-like chaetae (arrows) C Distal part of Ant. II dorsally with a group of paddle-like chaetae (arrows) D–EAnt. III organ of right side F Labral chaetae and maxillary outer lobe G Ventral chaetotaxy of head H Pseudopore and mac on Th. III I Claw III morphology J Mucro K Labial palp with its notation after Fjellberg (1999).

  Part of: Jantarit S, Satasook C, Deharveng L (2019) Coecobrya sirindhornae sp. n., the most highly troglomorphic Collembola in Southeast Asia (Collembola, Entomobryidae). ZooKeys 824: 21-44.