Volesus nigripennis, male 29–33 dorsal view 29 process of scutellum, median portions of tergites I–II and basal half of tergite III, arrow points to midlongitudinal keel of tergite II 30–31 mediolateral portions of tergites I–III 30 arrow points to first (dorsal) abdominal spiracle 31 arrow points to the dag on tergite IV 32 lateral portions of tergites III (distal part), IV–V 33 mediolateral portions of distal part of tergite IV, tergite V and basal part of tergite VI, arrows point to the dag on tergites V and VI 34 abdominal segments III-IV, lateral view, arrows point to the vertical sclerite of connexivum. (dag scar of dorsal abdominal gland opening). Scale bar: 1.0 mm.

  Part of: Gil-Santana HR, Oliveira J (2019) First description of the male of Volesus nigripennis Champion, 1899, with new records from Ecuador and Panama, taxonomical notes, and an updated key to the genera of Sphaeridopinae (Hemiptera, Reduviidae). ZooKeys 841: 97-123. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.841.31153