Paussus (Hylotorus) minutulus Nagel & Rasool, sp. n. A Habitus, dorsal view, appendices of right and left side at broadest and narrowest view respectively B Head, lateral view C Types of setae of dorsal pubescence, from left to right: one long, thin, hair-like seta; two shorter, lanceolate bristles, the right one with split apex; four short scaliform setae with multiply split, fringed apex; the setae are shown at enlarged view and at sizes relative to each other, yet without scale. Scale bar: 1 mm. Illustration: Adrian Gertsch. Copyright: Peter Nagel.

  Part of: Abdel-Dayem MS, Elgharbawy AA, Rasool I, Nagel P, Aldhafer HM (2019) The Carabidae (Coleoptera) of Shada Al-A’Ala Nature Reserve, Southwestern Saudi Arabia, with description of a new species of Paussinae. ZooKeys 812: 93-131.