Comparison of non-type specimens of AHippocampus procerus CAS 241511, preserved adult female, 142.7 mm SL, Southport, QLD B Hippocampus procerus CAS 241512, preserved juvenile, 112.7 mm SL, Southport, QLD 1 Hippocampus whitei PSFC-DH-1, preserved adult male, 122.1 mm SL, Nelson Bay, NSW D Hippocampus whitei CAS PSFC-DH-2, preserved subadult female, 47.7 mm SL, Nelson Bay NSW. Note the differences in coronet profile between juvenile/subadult and adult: projecting anteriad in juvenile/subadult versus lower or projecting posteriorly in adults.

  Part of: Short G, Harasti D, Hamilton H (2019) Hippocampus whitei Bleeker, 1855, a senior synonym of the southern Queensland seahorse H. procerus Kuiter, 2001: molecular and morphological evidence (Teleostei, Syngnathidae). ZooKeys 824: 109-133.