Phylogeny of Pristimantis showing the relationships of Pristimantis mallii sp. n. (red). The phylogram was derived from analysis of 2968 bp of mitochondrial (gene fragments 12S and 16S) and nuclear (gene fragment RAG) DNA sequences. Branch support is presented for each clade as Bayesian posterior probabilities × 100 (left of the slash) and non-parametric bootstrap (right of the slash). Asterisks indicate support values of 100. The external group is not shown. For each specimen, museum catalog number, locality, and GenBank accession number (in parentheses) are reported. Abbreviations: E. R. = Ecological Reserve.

  Part of: Reyes-Puig C, Reyes-Puig JP, Velarde-Garcéz DA, Dávalos N, Mancero E, Navarrete MJ, Yánez-Muñoz MH, Cisneros-Heredia DF, Ron SR (2019) A new species of terrestrial frog Pristimantis (Strabomantidae) from the upper basin of the Pastaza River, Ecuador. ZooKeys 832: 113-133.