SEM showing mouth parts of Newmanella spinosus Chan & Cheang, 2016 A–C maxilla A overview of maxilla morphology showing upper lobe (ul) and lower lobe (ll) B serrulated setae on upper lobe C serrulated setae on lower lobe D–E maxillule D overview of maxillule morphology E serrulated setae on inferior angle of maxillule F mandible (inset showing close up of third-fifth teeth of mandible) G–J labrum G exterior view of labrum H interior view of labrum I teeth on labrum (left margin from H) J teeth on labrum (right margin from H) K mandibular palp L close-up on superior side showing serrulated setae on mandibular palp M–P penis M overview of whole penis on side view and inset showing smooth dorsal side (dash line) on the base of the penis without basi-dorsal point N apex of penis carrying setae O penis with annulation P base of penis. Abbreviations: ul, upper lobe of maxilla; ll, lower lobe of maxilla. Scale bars in µm.

  Part of: Sukparangsi W, Pochai A, Wongkunanusorn C, Khachonpisitsak S (2019) Discovery of Neonrosella vitiata (Darwin) and Newmanella spinosus Chan & Cheang (Balanomorpha, Tetraclitidae) from the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean. ZooKeys 833: 1-20.