Shell plate and operculum morphology of Newmanella spinosus Chan & Cheang, 2016 A anterior view of shell B basal view of shell with body tissue C external and anterior view of shell without body tissue D internal and basal view of shell plates showing parietal tubes E external view of parietes F internal view of parietes G close-up on orifice and exterior opercular plates H internal view of operculum without intact tissues I internal view (left) and external view (right) of tergum J internal view (left) and external view (right) of scutum.

  Part of: Sukparangsi W, Pochai A, Wongkunanusorn C, Khachonpisitsak S (2019) Discovery of Neonrosella vitiata (Darwin) and Newmanella spinosus Chan & Cheang (Balanomorpha, Tetraclitidae) from the Andaman Sea, eastern Indian Ocean. ZooKeys 833: 1-20.