Trogloneta nojimai (Ono, 2010), comb. n., male holotype (A–F) and female paratype (G, H) (cited from Ono, 2010, slightly modified). A, B habitus (appendages omitted) C Prosoma D Endites, labium and sternum E, F Left palp G, H Epigyne A, F dorsal B, H lateral C anterior D, G ventral E retrolateral. Abbreviations: At atrium; CO copulatory opening; Cy cymbium; CyC cymbial conductor; CyFs setae on cymbial fold; E embolus; S spermathecae, SD spermatic duct; Sp scape; T tegulum, TA tegular apophysis; Ti tibia. Scale bars: 0.25 mm (A, B); 0.10 mm (C–H).

  Part of: Li Y, Lin Y (2019) Taxonomic review of the Asian Trogloneta species (Araneae, Mysmenidae). ZooKeys 817: 41-60.